This stainless-steel holder allows a vehicle to carry the flag of the nation or agency which it represents. This can be particularly useful in conflict situations.


  • • Maximum speed 130km/h (recommended)
  • • Rubberized magnetic face
  • • Mast with adjustable inclination
  • • Rubberized mast end to avoid snagging


  • • The rubberized magnetic base ensures the holder is held rigidly onto the vehicle's bodywork without damaging the surface, even at high speeds
  • • As the holder is "magnetically" held onto the vehicles' bodywork, it can be removed or replaced with ease which is particularly useful against theft or vandalism
  • • The magnet only works downwards which avoids any interference with any radio equipment the vehicle may have
  • • The holder's tilt can be adjusted to allow for any inclination on the vehicle's bodywork
  • • It can carry flags 20 x 30cm in size which can be changed or replaced quickly and easily



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