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  • Over the last 20 years TGS has built up an extensive and professional workshop set up in Gibraltar. With more than 25 skilled engineers covering all areas of expertise from air conditioning systems to vehicle conversions and fabrication skills.
  • Ably supported by 15 additional staff ranging from vehicle cleaners to fork lift drivers, TGS is more than capable of handling many types of vehicle preparation requirements as reqested by our clients.
  • With more than 45,000 vehicle preparations since our inception, TGS workshops have developed into a highly professional, fast response unit in case of emergencies that strike throughout the world.
  • With this wealth of experience its no surprise clients return on a regular basis for their aid vehicle requirements.

Workshop facilities

Workshop 1

  • This is where the control and admin of all workshops takes place. This workshop will carry out jobs requiring a quick turnaround and short preparation time on large numbers of vehicles.
  • Very often vehicles are being prepared to leave the next day in order to meet freight schedules in order to get the vehicles delivered as quickly as possible.

Workshop 2

  • This is a smaller workshop and we will normally work on only 2 or 3 vehicles at a time. These vehicles will have a high level of work required such as roll cages, communications equipment and occasionally ballistic blankets.
  • This workshop will also be used to allow clients to view or carry out vehicle inspections prior to shipment.

Workshop 3

  • This larger workshop manned by a staff of 7 will handle bulk orders where we have 5 or more identical vehicles and approximately 8 hours or more of workshop time are required.
  • This is run like a production line ensuring all vehicles are prepared exactly the same and to the same high quality.

Workshop 4

  • The largest of the TGS workshops with a staff of 9 this workshop is used for all types of vehicles but can very quickly be converted to handle large ambulance orders as was the case in 2012 where an order for nearly 300 ambulances meant that the factory production style of manufacturing was required.

Ambulance Centre

  • This workshop consists of 4 work bays and handles our normal weekly production of 5 vehicles of differing medical specifications as required.
  • In this location all the items required in ambulance production such as floors and side panels etc are cut and fabricated.

Wash bay

  • All vehicles will be cleaned at least twice and the day before the vehicle is due to be shipped they will enter this facility for final wash and inspection.


  • The small metal working shop is required to fabricate many of the metal items such as Codan mounting systems and second fuel filter brackets required to fit the TGS range of vehicles.
  • Currently it fabricates more than 50 different items required by workshops to fit out the vehicles as required.
  • Everything is designed in house and cad drawings are prepared so we can ensure continuity and quality in design.