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After Sales Overview

TGS believes that supplying a vehicle only represents a small part of the relationship between you, the customer, and TGS. For this reason, we are happy to respond to any problems which may occur after the vehicle has arrived at its end destination and take great pride in the level of satisfaction which many of our customers have experienced as a result of our efforts.

Toyota designs and produces vehicles with a variety of specifications, in order to meet vehicle operating and environmental conditions throughout the world.

When you buy Toyota products you get peace of mind, knowing that they are renowned for their strength, reliability and safety. This peace of mind is further enhanced by the knowledge that, should your TGS vehicle prove defective due to a factory fault, during the warranty period, it will be fully covered by Toyota's worldwide warranty.

TGS are the only European stockist of general specification Toyotas with access to the global after sales service network. Full Toyota warranty and after sales service will be provided with the vehicles supplied by TGS matching that offered by the local Toyota Distributor. The pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and the application of Toyota Warranty will be carried out by the local Toyota Distributor. The distributor will also issue the Toyota warranty booklet and will carry out a 1,000km service free of charge (except for lubricants, fluids or filters used). Please note that in some countries this service may be carried out after 5,000kms.

With over 10,500 service locations in 160 countries, Toyota cares about service after the sale. In Africa alone there are over 400 service establishments manned by over 4,000 service technicians to keep your vehicles running efficiently and economically. The Toyota Family works closely together in order to provide full after sales service for the vehicles supplied by TGS, leading to very high levels of customer satisfaction.