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Responsibilities of the Parts department

  • We support our vehicle inventory with a stock of genuine Toyota spare parts and accessories procured world-wide. This allows us to provide full Spare Parts Packages for shipment inside vehicles thus saving clients both time and money.
  • Our fully computerised parts system, managing over 12,000 line items, is linked via electronic data interchange (EDI) to the massive stock depot of the Toyota Parts Centre (TPCE) located near Brussels. This enables us to respond to critical "vehicle off the road" situations by providing immediate access to the full range of Toyota parts.
  • We also control a large range of accessories for our vehicles, which together with the spare parts are housed in our fully bonded (i.e. tax-free) warehouse. As part of the Toyota Europe distribution network, we have an efficient and fast supply service working to a priority system. For any part not available at TPCE, we have an automatic switch to Toyota in Japan for supply.
  • We carry a wide range of options for fitting to vehicles as well as specialist product items, such as communication equipment, ballistic blankets, security and safety devices and medical equipment. This equipment is mainly procured directly from manufacturers, including Australia, America and Europe in our efforts to provide the best quality items at the best possible prices. We hold a large number of tyres in stock and are agents for Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin and Dunlop. The more commonly used 4x4 accessories such as bull bars, tow hooks, winches etc., are available from stock to be fitted to our stock vehicles.
  • Many of our spare parts orders, particularly service parts and maintenance parts kit, are shipped inside the vehicle, ensuring timely arrival, immediate availability, and considerable savings in freight and customs charges.
  • The immediate availability is particularly important when the vehicles are to be used in some of the more remote areas of Africa, where genuine Toyota parts are not so readily available.

Advantages of buying genuine Toyota parts

  • The purchase and use of original-equipment manufacturers' (OEM) parts has a myriad of advantages, most of which are not often considered during the buying process.
  • OEM parts automatically facilitate access to an entire package, including after-sales service, extended technical backup and trouble shooting, warranties and the benefits of ongoing research and development.
  • While after-sales service is traditionally an expectation when buying parts, it is often only a reality when dealing with an original manufacturer or registered distributor.
  • The advantage of dealing with the manufacturer is that continuity of parts supply is sustained and when it comes to extended technical support it is readily available. This type of support is only available from manufacturers who have the necessary resources and expertise.
  • The advantages of ongoing research and development, see major benefits being passed on to customers in the form of higher efficiencies through the use of alternative materials and designs, as well as reviews of existing product ranges in an attempt to reduce operating and maintenance costs.
  • The most important advantage is that of the extended warranty provided by Toyota. Applications knowledge, manufacturing expertise and engineering resources and the ability to go a long way to underscore the benefits of using original parts and accessories.

Toyota parts warranty

  • 1 year against manufacturing defect. This means that should your Toyota part fail to work in the correct manner, within 1 year from purchase, due to a manufacturing defect, it will be replaced free of charge.

TGS parts operation

  • The following video provides a brief overview of our parts and accessories stocking procedures.