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Land Cruiser 78 Hardtop Ambulance

  • Over 500 ambulance conversions in the last 2 years
  • Our workshops have the facilities and expertise for fast turnaround of complex orders
  • Tailor-made customer service and value for money
  • Four wheel drive capability means high versatility in all conditions
  • Ease of maintenance means little vehicle out of service time
  • Popular with many internationally reknowned agencies.

Hiace Ambulance

  • The Hiace is the perfect vehicle for urban usage
  • Capable of conversion into Ambulance, clinic or blood transfusion unit
  • Good on road capabilities giving comfortable patient transfer
  • Available with large range of medical equipment and with ample room for a stretcher in the rear
Hiace ambulance 2.5L turbo diesel Hiace ambulance 3.0L diesel

Mobile Laboratory

  • Versatile and capable of many different versions as per clients request
  • Ease of maintenance means little down time off road
  • Can be fitted with internal storage, power and a wide range of equipment
  • Basic ambulance or full time clinic options possible

Wheelchair lift

  • With its high roof the Hiace makes a versatile passenger transport vehicle
  • The rear lift is suitable for all types of wheelchairs and passengers
  • Can be used for able-bodied passengers when required in the other seats
  • Floor mounting points for wheelchair included

Personnel Carrier

  • Capable of carrying passengers in a dry/comfortable area
  • Custom built canopy allows for ample headroom
  • Chequer plate floor allows equipment to be carried without damaging the floor of the pick-up bed
  • Vehicle retains it versatility to be used as a pick up or people carrier through fold up seat option

Specialist Mobile Communications Unit

  • HF and VHF radios provide suitable platforms to communicate anywhere.
  • Mobility ideal for rapid deployment or relocation.
  • Front windscreen, headlights and tail lights protected with security grilles
  • Modular design can be transferred to another Land Cruiser 79 single cabin in the future.


  • Vehicle can be fitted with a high level of audio visual equipment
  • Capable of running on its own power in remote areas
  • Can be used for education programmes in field difficult locations

Mobile workshop

  • Capable of carrying enough equipment to service a fleet of vehicles.
  • Secure storage for tools and spares.
  • Optional tool kit available.
  • Smart bar optional.
  • Can be fitted with generator, compressor etc. as required.
  • Modular design can be transferred to another 79 in future.

Prison Van

  • Offers secure and safe transport of prisoners
  • Retains security for driver
  • Off road capability of the Land Cruiser Hardtop, Pick-Up, town use of the Hiace Commuter Bus
  • Cost effective alternative for moving prisoners


  • Freezer capability guaranteed down to -20º C
  • Floor hooks to secure cargo
  • Steps to easily access the fridge
  • Aluminium skirting to increase fridge/freezer wall longevity
  • Internal fridge/freezer area is easy to clean

Panel Van

  • Rugged, durable and built to last and withstand arduous wear and tear.
  • Versatile as it allows infinite load configurations.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • Crew friendly as the rear access points have low entry points which facilitate cargo loading.