This accessory package includes a replacement fuel tank and snorkel. The capacity of the standard fuel tank fitted to the new generation Hilux is 80 litres which is a driving distance of approximately 800kms. This 140 litre replacement fuel tank option is expertly fitted by the TGS Workshop Team and allows you to travel approximately 1400kms without having to refuel. The snorkel delivers a huge volume of the coolest and cleanest air possible into the stock air cleaner assembly which enhances the efficiency of the engine.


  • • Hilux 140L fuel tank
  • • Snorkel


  • • Cleaner air for the engine
  • • Adds a 4x4 presence/rugged look to the vehicle
  • • Can prolong the engine life, particularly the air filter
  • • Prevents engine damage when driving through rivers
  • • Increased fuel capacity
  • • Increased autonomy
  • • Can provide sufficient fuel for very long trips over remote areas



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