Travelling can often generate a lot of movement of your cargo in the luggage compartment, particularly when driving off-road

This cargo net provides you with an easy-to-fit and fast solution to secure the load that you are carrying. It can be lashed securely with the separately provided lashing belt clamp buckles onto the back lashing points. The belt hooks can be either directly hooked in or looped around through the lashing points and clipped into the edge of the cord of the net, therefore the net can be used for a wide range of cargo sizes.


  • • Rugged, durable webbing to keep cargo secure and in place.
  • • Two buckles and two hooks with adjustable straps to ensure cargo is adequately secured.

    Meets industry standards:

  • • DEKRA-requirement profile: mesh ultimate tensile strength ® 2.000 N
  • • VDI 2700: load safety in the vehicle in transit
  • • VDI 2700 page 3: load safety means and their tests
  • • DIN 75410-3: lashing points in LCVs
  • • DIN-EN 12195-1: calculation of lashing forces
  • • DIN-EN 12195-2 / -4: load safety means and their tests
  • • DIN-EN 12640: lashing points on commercial vehicles
  • • DCE-RL 9.5.: DAIMLER CHRYSLER directive 9.5. Appendix LCV


  • • Easy to use and light weight.
  • • Secures load quickly and effectively.
  • • Avoids load movement, thus avoiding potential damage to the cargo, vehicle or even injury to the passengers.
  • • Optimizes available space in the luggage compartment.
  • • Keeps cargo separated if required to do so.



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