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Pillars of Fleet Services

4x4 Driving

  • A focus on basic road safety principles, 4x4 off road driving, vehicle safe recovery, preventive maintenance, basic mechanics and practical fleet management tools.
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Expertise Consultancy

  • Fleet analysis and data analysis, policy and guideline set-up according to organisation’s needs.
  • Our technical trainers have also provided expert consultations and specific guidance regarding the wide perspective of fleet management operations and the impact on costs.
  • Our trainers will analyse your fleet, such as; crash statistical data, assist to set-up workshops, the stock control of spare parts, or, even design a trainer of trainers course in any area of our fleet services.
  • The possibilities of the consultancy provide a bespoke
  • outcome based on the local findings and the organisation’s fleet aspirations and key performance indicators.
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Fleet Management

  • We provide learning outcomes regarding the administrative and security of vehicles and related matters.
  • We can create bespoke courses and assessments of vehicle tracking systems and how best to implement an organisation’s key performance indicators. TGS has create a best practice of KPIs and a 7-step approach to fleet management.
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  • Basic and Advance vehicle maintenance, vehicle diagnostics, workshop set-up and warehousing and spare parts management.
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Online Learning

  • Our online courses are self-paced and delivered in English and French. The theoretical topics available are:
  • Road Safety
  • 4x4 and off-road driving
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Mechanical/technical including diagnostics
  • Fleet Management
  • “We regard this type of training to the very beneficial and we completely agree with its implementation. One of the services TGS can offer is a range of expert fleet related trainings courses conducted in country as well as via the online platform. They have a wealth of experiences and qualified trainers” - Toyota TSUSHO Corporation
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Road Safety

  • Road Safety Program which consists of the Advanced Safe Driver Training (ASDT) and the Qualified Driver Trainer (QDT).
  • The Road Safety Program is arranged where organisations can subscribe to.
  • We organise the venues for the training with one of our partners and participants can then register once we’ve released the dates. We usually provide a schedule of locations in advance.
  • The Road Safety Program focuses on behaviours towards safe driving principles.
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