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TGS Demonstrator Fleet Vehicles for Sale

For many years TGS has run a fleet of development and demonstrator vehicles. These are vehicles which are normally the first of a new model to arrive in Gibraltar.

When the vehicles arrive they are used to confirm the specification by our compliance team and then passed onto our technical department. When they receive them they are used to test and develop any new options that will be required to fit on these models. The vehicles are then used as part of our demonstrator fleet and when clients visit Gibraltar they are available to be driven so the client can experience what they will get when ordering this model. They are also sometimes taken to sales promotion events worldwide. Normally these vehicles can be fitted with a range of options as can be supplied by TGS.

After some years and when models change we then dispose of these vehicles and they can be made available to TGS clients. All vehicles are checked over and serviced before they leave here and are normally very low mileage for the years in use. Currently, we have four vehicles for sale and details are listed below. The price includes all the options which have been fitted because of the specification of the vehicles these are rules that we have to adhere to when disposing of vehicles as shown below.

More in depth pictures can be supplied if required.

1) The vehicle will leave Gibraltar with no registration plates or registration book.

2) The vehicle needs to be exported out the European Union and we have to show shipping documents to this effect.

3) The vehicle cannot be sold or hired for use in Gibraltar or within any member state of the E.U.

4) Vehicles will be sold with no Guarantee.

5) The vehicle may have some small damage but this will be shown in pictures before the sale is done.

6) Vehicle needs to be fully paid for before it leaves Gibraltar.

7) The cost below will not include Insurance or freight which will be quoted as per the end destination.

Whilst this all may seem complicated and extensive it is required so that we can replace the vehicle in question with the newer model.

Vehicles for Sale

There are currently no demonstrator vehicles for sale at this time.