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Specialist Mobile Communications Unit

The standard Land Cruiser 79 Single Cabin Pick-Up is the ideal 4x4 vehicle to be used as the base vehicle for a conversion to a Specialist Mobile Communications Unit. Once fitted, the converted vehicle can be deployed rapidly to provide on-site platforms for command, control and communications. This unit is ideal to enhance or reestablish communication and coordination during emergency incidents or special security events. This conversion includes HF and VHF radio units to enhance communication across the organization and between HQ, local response and support teams.

This unit is ideally placed to provide interoperability amongst those involved in the incident or mission to provide effective incident management.

  • HF and VHF radios provide suitable platforms to communicate anywhere.
  • Mobility ideal for rapid deployment or relocation.
  • Front windscreen, headlights and tail lights protected with security grilles
  • Modular design can be transferred to another Land Cruiser 79 single cabin in the future.