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What makes TGS training so unique?

Similarly, how coffee houses take your customised order [“Decaf, Soy Latte With An Extra Shot, no foam and a caramel drizzle”], TGS offers bespoke vehicle training. Our experienced and effective trainers deliver courses in road safety, basic vehicle familiarisation, essential maintenance, fleet analysis and workshop control set-up.

Our expertise and dedicated team come from a humanitarian background, and TGS understand the practical constraints and challenges facing humanitarian aid missions.

Flexible and adaptable to clients’ needs, TGS creates tailor-made training programmes as we recognise that each customer has their own unique requirements. A formal assessment and evaluations for participants also provide our organisations with a benchmark in a professional capacity to enhance their operations for the long run.

TGS Road Safety Programme 2022

We are pleased to announce that, Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS) has been licensed by the UN System Staff College (UNSSC) to continue the Road Safety Programme, which had been suspended in July 2021 due to the ongoing impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The UNSSC established the Road Safety Programme in 2018 to support the implementation of the UN System Road Safety Strategy, and the wider UN Decade of Action on Road Safety.

Effective immediately, TGS will assume all practical responsibilities to support the existing qualified driver trainer network, including the provision of Advanced Safe Driver Training (ASDT) certificates, quality assurance, ongoing technical support, and re-certification of existing QDTs. The Staff College will continue to ensure quality and continuity of the Road Safety Programme through regular oversight functions, pursuant to the formal license agreement.

To register your interest with the below calendar, contact the TGS Road Safety Programme Manager, Daniel Hardy, who was previously the Road Safety Portfolio Manager with UNSSC.

Training Calendar

Courses AvailableLocationsDatesLanguages
Advanced Safe Driver Training (ASDT)Jordan22nd – 26th JanuaryArabic & English
Qualified Driver Trainer (QDT) Jordan30th Jan - 9th FebArabic & English
Advanced Safe Driver Training (ASDT) Jordan5th - 9th FebArabic & English
Advanced Safe Driver Training (ASDT)
Qualified Driver Trainer (QDT)
Kenya 15th - 24th MarchEnglish
Advanced Safe Driver Training (ASDT)Kenya 27th - 31th MarchEnglish
Advanced Safe Driver Training (ASDT)
Qualified Driver Trainer (QDT)
South Sudan(TBC) 3rd - 12th MayArabic & English
Qualified Driver Trainer (QDT)Cote d’Ivoire9th - 19th MayFrench
Qualified Driver Trainer (QDT)Eastern Europe7th - 16th JunEnglish

Benefits of training

  • improve on- and off-road driving knowledge
  • enhance vehicle maintenance
  • improve understanding of vehicle recovery
  • increase road safety
  • reduce running costs
  • longer life span of vehicles
  • increase essential asset vehicle fleet management

TGS Expertise

  • dedicated team of experienced, effective trainers
  • our sessions cover road safety, knowing your vehicle, basic maintenance, convoy driving amongst others
  • recovery techniques and correct usages of winching provides solutions in tight situations
  • emphasis on learning by doing

TGS Flexibility

  • content, numbers of participants. time constraints and location can all vary on a case by case basis
  • courses can be presented in several languages
  • we recognise that each customer has their own special requirements
  • following discussions, TGS create tailor-made training programmes

Technical Services and Training team


Catherine Richardson

Technical & Fleet Training Assistant Manager

+350 200 59165

+34 620 504 397


Languages spoken:ukes


Daniel Hardy

Road Safety Program Manager

+350 200 59100 ext. 5278

+1 506 253 8973


Languages spoken:uk


Valerian Lemoine

Technical Training Advisor

+350 200 59192 ext. 5277

+34 697 444 557


Languages spoken:ukfr


Jean-Philippe Lezeau

Technical and Fleet Training Manager

+350 200 59192 ext. 5275

+34 647 899 730


Languages spoken:fruk