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TGS Training with Peace Corps Mozambique

Between the 3rd and 14th of April TGS conducted driver training for Peace Corps Mozambique.

Two courses of four days each were held, one in the area of the northern city of Nampula and the second in the capital Maputo.

There were 14 participants on each course with a mix of staff drivers and staff members involved in health and teaching projects. These drivers typically have to drive themselves to the relevant locations where the Peace Corps overseas volunteers are based.

The course was made up the following elements: road safety, use of the 4WD systems, recovery, vehicle maintenance and general off road driving in harsh conditions.

The first day was spent in the classroom environment and from there on the next three days were spent out in the field.

Despite the hot weather (up to 38 degrees) and the occasional heavy rainstorms in both locations, the outside events went well and the participants all agreed they got a lot from the training.

Following on from a Q&A session on the final day it was expected that Peace Corps would try and follow up this training with their own in-house programme in another 12 months