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Our road to sustainability

At Toyota Gibraltar Stockholdings (TGS), we have recently implemented several eco-friendly strategies on our road to becoming a more sustainable company. One of the major initiatives we have undertaken is the installation of solar panels on our premises. This scheme annually provides both TGS and Gibraltar with 1000 megawatts of renewable electricity for our operations and the local community.

In addition to the solar panels, we have also installed bird boxes to support local bird populations. This move helps to create a more biodiverse environment around the company's facilities and promotes the growth of local ecosystems.

Throughout the TGS premises, recycling schemes to reduce the amount of waste they produce have been put into place. This entails separate bins for different types of waste and the use of recycled materials in their products wherever possible. The bins range from plastic, paper and cardboard, aluminum, batteries and hazardous materials to metals and spare parts.

By implementing eco-friendly strategies, we can reduce our carbon footprint, promote biodiversity and sustainability, and contribute to a healthier planet for all.