This tyre is designed to perform most specifically in the mud.

However, they generally perform well in other conditions such as on the rocks, as well as in loose gravel and in the softer, constantly changing terrain of wooded trails.


  • • Size: 7.50R16
  • • Load rating: 116 = 1250kg
  • • Speed rating: N = 87mph / 140km/h
  • • Vehicle: Suitable for the Land Cruiser 70 Series
  • • Terrain: Mud


  • • Good mobility on all terrain: mud, sand and snow
  • • Comfort and safety on the road
  • • Tough and reliable in all conditions
  • • Designed to operate at varied pressures to match the conditions of use
  • • Non directional tread pattern
  • • Wide and flat crown
  • • Soft compound with wider gaps between large lugs for added traction



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