The Michelin Agilis HD is a rugged tyre designed for traction both on- and off-road.

High mileage and excellent resistance to damage.

This tyre is best suited when fitted to the Land Cruiser 79 Pick-Up because it offers a high load rating and provides excellent resistance to cuts from stones or other sharp materials.


  • • Size: 7.50R16
  • • Load rating: 122/121 = 1,500/1,450kg
  • • Speed rating: L = 75mph/120 km/h
  • • Vehicle: Suitable for the 70 Series
  • • All-terrain


  • • M + S pattern
  • • Versatility of use on roads, in and around work sites and quarries
  • • Robustness for the worksite, endurance for the road
  • • Reduced stone retention
  • • Efficient water & mud dispersion
  • • Reinforced shoulder area resists lateral impact damage
  • • High mileage capability and excellent resistance to damage



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