Fitted as original equipment on Toyota LandCruiser for superior 4WD performance. The Grandtrek AT22 features reinforced casing to reduce the risk of sidewall damage in tough off-road conditions. It is suitable for drivers who like to mix up their driving surfaces, on and off-road.


  • • Silica compound
  • • Robust case construction
  • • Size: 285/65R17
  • • Load rating: 116 = 1250kg
  • • Speed rating: H = 210km/h / 130mph
  • • All-terrain


  • • Superior braking, cornering and handling in all conditions.
  • • Reduces rolling resistance, which can enhance fuel economy.
  • • Offers extra protection against many hazards commonly encountered in severe off-road conditions.
  • • Endorsed as original equipment by leading 4WD manufacturers.



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