Navigating through tough terrain can often increase the chance of a puncture and a tyre repair centre is usually many miles away.

Having a second spare wheel is a useful way of ensuring you can continue on your journey, especially when driving through remote areas, where multiple punctures can occur.

Images shown illustrate the Land Cruiser 79 series second spare wheel set up. Holder sold separately.


  • • Second spare wheel as per vehicle's factory specifications.
  • • Includes tyre, rim, inner-tube (subject to vehicle applicability) and flap (subject to vehicle applicability).
  • • Wheel is assembled and balanced, ready to be fitted to your vehicle.


  • • Ensures you can continue on your journey, even in the event of multiple punctures.
  • • Reduces the delay to your journey in the event of a puncture.
  • • Eliminates the need to carry out a puncture repair during a journey.
  • • Reduces the labour required to replace a punctured wheel.



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