Engineered to suit any off road adventure and the most popular in the range, this portable air compressor has been constructed entirely of lightweight, high grade materials and is mounted in a durable case offering easy carrying and storage.


  • • Portable 12V DC air compressor with 6m (20ft) tyre inflation hose
  • • Class leading flow rate
  • • Anodised mounting bracket dissipates motor heat
  • • Constructed entirely of lightweight, high strength engineering grade materials
  • • Over-pressure safety valve equipped
  • • Motor is internally thermal protected against extreme temperature damage
  • • Heavy duty maxi-fuse equipped for professional in-line circuit protection
  • • Conveniently mounted in a durable carry case
  • • Designed for Air Locker use, inflating tyres and other equipment
  • • Anodised mounting bracket dissipates motor heat and allows compressor to be repositioned 180 degrees
  • • Constructed entirely of lightweight, high strength engineering grade materials
  • • Tyre inflation hose kit 6m (20 foot) and pressure gauge included
  • • Available in either a 12V or 24V configuration
  • • Die cast aluminium tank
  • • Extruded aluminium barrel
  • • Carbon impregnated teflon piston rings
  • • Easy to clean sintered bronze air filter
  • • Efficient poppet valve air inlet and exhaust


  • • Built with high quality materials for maximum performance and durability
  • • Ideal for inflating tyres
  • • Portability



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