This useful security service allows the customer to have all the windows on the vehicle etched with identification markings to help in identifying vehicles which may be stolen.

This system requires the owner to register the vehicle details and unique etching number into the ISR (International Security Register), to ensure maximum protection.

The ISR holds ISO 27001:2013 certification for secure database management. All data is maintained on in-house servers.

Only the names and contact details of the owner are recorded in ISR’s database. This information IS NOT shared with third parties, other than for the purposes of crime prevention and detection.


  • • Highly visible
  • • Added vehicle security
  • • Helpful in vehicle identification fleet management


  • • The window etching acts as a deterrent against theft of your car, it helps identify recovered cars, proves legal ownership and helps convict offenders.
  • • Police Forces worldwide recommend etching on each window because it is a simple, effective and economical way of protecting your car and make it undesirable to thieves who simply want to sell your car on.




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