Strong, reliable recovery points are essential for off road driving.

Fitted at the front of the vehicle, drivers can safely perform a vehicle recovery while reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage.

These recovery points are rated in an angled direction of pull and this has been achieved for angles up to the maximum turn angle of the front wheels of the vehicle.

The long slot allows the bow of the shackle to be fed through and the strap attached via the pin instead of the bow.

This allows the shackle to pivot within the recovery point to avoid side loads on the pin.


  • • Constructed from high grade steel
  • • Long slot design for a side-angled pull
  • • Eye constructed from 20mm high grade 350MPa steel for maximum strength and durability


  • • Vehicle specific designed and tested with load and destruction tests conducted on the chassis
  • • Stronger, more secure recovery point
  • • Crush pulse of the vehicle remains unaffected
  • • Allows fitting in the optimal location to handle the stresses experienced during vehicle recovery
  • • Rated in an angled direction of pull up to the maximum turn angle of the front wheels
  • • 15% discount on all items in this package when purchased together



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