A vehicle with a lifeless or low power battery is an inconvenient situation to find yourself in, especially when you are in a remote area.

Our powerpack (charging required) will provide you with enough power to supplement what is lacking in your vehicle's battery to start your vehicle.


  • • Output Voltage: 12V
  • • Maximum Engine Size: 200hp
  • • Peak Amps 12V: 1600A
  • • Cranking Current (20°C 5secs) 12V: 680A
  • • Cold Cranking Current (-18°C 30secs) 12V: 280A
  • • Cable Size: 35mm²
  • • Cable & Clamp Length: 2m
  • • Weight: 15.2kg
  • • Supplied with mains voltage recharge unit


  • • Easy to use
  • • Encased in a robust heavy steel case, built to last
  • • High power battery and industrial quality switchgear
  • • Suitable for starting vehicles up to 200hp
  • • Heavy-duty copper cables provide efficient power transfer
  • • Provides instant DC power for your vehicle instantly, anywhere
  • • Large, easy-to-read battery indicator to IEC 51 provides fast indication of battery’s state of charge
  • • Surge and spike suppressing circuitry reduces risk of damaging vehicle’s on-board electronics




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