GPS receiver antenna for Codan Envoy radio

Option code:GPSNGT


Navigational accuracy is key when travelling to emergency incidents or projects to provide much needed aid.

Providing your coordinates accurately from the incident or project location will be decisive to ensure timely assistance is received.

The Codan GPS receiver antenna is an ideal accessory for the Codan Envoy HF radio that uses up to twelve satellite signals to find the receiver's position on earth, to poll and send GPS positions in any location.


  • 12 channels
  • Differential DGPS capability using WAAS or RTCM corrections yielding 3 to 5m position accuracy
  • COM1 port output
  • Flexible input voltage levels
  • Highly accurate one-pulse-per-second (PPS) output for precise measurements


  • Built tough to endure advserse conditions
  • WAAS enabled to provide location accuracy within three meters
  • Can be used near other wireless communications equipment without interference
  • Water resitant
  • Can track up to 12 satellites
  • Excellent EMI/RFI performance
  • Can be remote mounted


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