Codan NVIS antenna kit

Option code:NVIS


HF radios are mainly used for long range communications. The short vertical whip antennae used with HF radios are poor radiators at high take-off angles. This makes short distance communications difficult, especially so in hilly terrain. By equipping the Codan Envoy HF radio system on your vehicle with our NVIS2 option, you extend the whip of your antenna and make it more horizontal, which improves the high take-off angle radiation efficiency, i.e. you improve short range communications.

It can be easily and quickly attached. All fitting instructions are provided and no special tools are required.


  • 2x section lightweight NVIS whip antenna sections
  • Tie down cord kit
  • Instructions card
  • Canvas storage bag


  • Improved short range (0-500km) HF radio communications, in the near vertical incidence skywave communications mode over 2 to 12MHz frequency range
  • Especially useful in hilly terrain or mountain ranges


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