The most basic of ambulance requirements is a supply of oxygen.

This kit is secured inside the patient cabin by means of a bottle holder which features a quick-release strap.

Note we also offer a larger "E" size oxygen cylinder with the fitted oxygen pipeline system option.

Both options are recommended - the portable kit to assist a casualty outside the ambulance and the fitted system for prolonged oxygen administration within the ambulance.


  • • Aluminum "D" size pin index Oxygen cylinder
  • • Pin index oxygen regulator with an oxygen schrader socket
  • • Flow selector valve (0-15 litres/min)
  • • One oxygen therapy tube
  • • One oxygen therapy mask
  • • Carry bag


  • • Lightweight and compact
  • • Pin index connections allow quick replacement of cylinders
  • • Oxygen schrader socket incorporated into the regulator to allow for compatibility with ventilators / resuscitators



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