The tinted film for windows delivers effective solar and UV protection while providing a protective coat to your vehicles interior.

Furthermore, it is essential in providing a level of privacy to patients and ambulance staff.


  • • 5% Non-reflective charcoal film
  • • 7% visible light transmission
  • • 92% glare reduction
  • • 45% solar energy rejection
  • • Non-Reflective
  • • Durable Construction – dual-ply, color infused
  • • CST™ Scratch Resistant Hardcoat – better durability, protection and clarity


  • • Dyed construction, good value coupled with an appealing dark charcoal appearance
  • • Complements most vehicle colors and styles
  • • Non-conductive safe for rear window radio, GPS and satellite systems
  • • Cuts down heat by 45% and glare by 92% providing a more comfortable driving experience or patient attendance
  • • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays, protects skin and reduces fading of interior upholstery and trim



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